Saturday, May 23, 2020

TV killed the radioman.

More work done on the Vietnam project. I'm a little under half done with the Marine platoon.
I'm missing 1 grunt to complete the first section, But I have now Section leader, quite a few grunts, 2 M60s, 2 M60 helpers, a blooper and Platoon commander with radioman.

The platoon commander is calling to HQ asking for better rations. The men are threatening mutiny.

First of 3 bloopers done.
 Ammo support gunner for M60.

I now mostly have regular grunts left for the platoon, in fact, except for the bloopers and a corpsman all the remaining guys in the platoon are just grunts.

Slightly less than half the platoon. 


Phil said...

Great looking minis and presentation!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks Phil, for always stopping by. Apritiate it.