Thursday, November 12, 2009

I realy realy hate Lord Ashram right now.

The bastard showed some pics of a 40mm AWI game, and it just inspired me(in the worst possible way)

I already know my table is to small for any real sized battle in 28mm or above, but I figure I can get 10 or 12 regiments/battalions on the table and still have room to manouvre. And as the Sash and saber 40mm figs don't take up any more foot room I might as well try them.

But it will cost me, that why I'm thinking about sueing Ashram for half the money it would cost me to do this thing.

It will be my third AWI project, and I'll try something new, namely a generic force of early war figs.
The figs will be used both for British Grenadier and carnage and glory.
Another thing I'l try is more home made terrain, stealing ides from ashram and other, I think I can make a nice battlefield, with mostly stuff I got, but I need much more flock to spread on the table, some 40mm fences and fields,I got some trees so I think I got that coverd, but I need lots of flock to blend flields and trees to the terrain mat.

Anyway head ove to Ashrams house of war and see why I HAVE TO and NEED to do 40mm AWI

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