Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ok, figs are orderd

Finnaly got money yesterday and the first thing I did was put in an order at Sash And Saber.

For $328 I only got 94 figs, pluss two cannon, having order mostly 6mm the last few months it was quite the shock. for the same amount of money I would get about 1500 6mm figs.
But you got to spend money to spend money.

The order was

1. British line unit, that will become 23rd
1. British 6pdr with crew
1. light infanty company(only 5 figs)

1. Continental unit
1. american militia unit
1, American 6pdr with crew
1. long rifle company(again only 5 figs)

Next on the to buy list is another militia unit and a hessian unit.
But as the figs are so expencive I HAVE to finish painting ALL the figs I have orderd before I order more.


Timothy Burke said...

Painting ALL the figs before ordering more? That's a promise I find very hard to keep. I've got S & S Nappies and so enjoy the larger scale for skirmish games. Good luck and let's see some pics!

Gunfreak said...

Well I normaly order 500+ figs, which makes it hard to paint all.

This time it's less then 120 figs.

I'll take it one unit at a time.

Tho the new AB/eurka 15mm Lassle packs look cool