Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was planing on posting my finished French Line battalion some time tomorrow, but I'll be busey for sevral days I think, so I doubt I'll finish it, so I needed an excuse to post half finished unit, so I thought I shoud post the diffrent versions of french line I have.

First up Version 1.0
Not very nice, is it.

Version 1.5
Just a repaint of old figs, just sprayed over the old paint and painted.

Version 2.0
My more or less new paint style, infact first atempt with it.

Version 2.5
Not a totaly new version, there for still Version 2, just slighlty more refined and new faces.
As you can see not as nice as my russians even tho they are painted after them, the french uniform is unforgivng to paint.
That said I wouldn't think twice about putting it on a gametable, it might not be the best looking unit, but it probebly won't be laughed of the table either.

And finnaly all versions in one pic, from left to right(old to new)


Andy McMaster said...

Nice to see the progress. Imagine what the right hand side of that line of troops will look like in another year!

Gunfreak said...

Well sooner or later you level out, at one point you will reach MAX LEVEL.

Craigs stuff forinstant is perfet, you can't get it better as it looks 100% real his 18mm looks better then any 28-54mm, he got all the detail you can get on any figs no mater what scale, but his brush is 100% accurat.

Now if you look at
You basicly see the ultimate version of the style I use, I doubt you can do this just black style anybetter then he does.