Monday, March 1, 2010

Lasalle Plan

I got my bok of Lasalle rules today, I had not gotten the message it was hardcover, so it was a nice suprise.

Now that I got all the army builders it's easier to decide what to paint, I had just started to buy and paint regular line/musketeers infantery as I knew I as going to have to make alot of them.

As I'm duing conquest French and Russians the following units will be made.

6 French Vetrain infantry, (I'll paint two of them as legere, but they will have the same stats, it's just to get something els to paint. and it looks good)
1 Divisional Battery.
I'll then make one organic brigade, which will be light cav brigade, 2 hussars, 2 chessurs and a horse battery.

This is the first I'll work on, I'll then paint the two extra line battalions for the "attack bonous"

The russians will be 4 musketeers, 2 gernadiers 2 jegers, position battery, thats 8 infantry units,
As I'll had french cav I'll do the same to the russians, one organic brigade of dragoons, thats two big dragoon regiments, 1 cossack regimetn and a horse battery.
I'll then add the two extra infantry units for the "attack bonus"

This is about 650 figures, Now I have to just keep at it.
I decided not to do the extra prussian, british and austrian armies at first. I might buy an odd unit just to get to paint some redcoats of some nice landwehr,
But I'll concentrate on the forces I mentioned here.
When that Is done, I'll add more and more of the suport brigades, to get sevral options to choose from.

When I'm done with the BIG core armies and the extra brigade, doing the odd suport brigade of say 2 kurassir regiments and another battery isn't that much of a job.

Well thats the plan, even tho Lasalle don't deal with historic units, each unit will be based on a real Battalion/regiment just to keep track, and so I can use it for Carnage & Glory II

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Conrad Hawkwood said...

good plan mate good plan..