Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kexholm Finished

Even with Colors,
Easly my best unit, no quiestion becuase of the simple(east to paint) unitforms and new faces
This will be the first of my lasalle units, 32 figs on 4 bases, 8 figures pr. 30x30mm bases, now this can only be done with AB, I've tried 8 figs on 30x30 bases with other brands, like fantasin and it just dosn't work the bases are to random or big or what not.
It's still slighlty crouded, but I think it REALY captures massed closed ranks of the napoleonic era.

The flag is a print out from warflag, the figures are AB, the bases are Litko with GW scenics and woodland scenics on them, Paint used is Coat d'Arms
(there time to sit back and wait for the money for all the sponsoring I've done now)
Anyway Enjoy the pics.

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