Thursday, February 25, 2010

Russian WIP

My Plan was to finish the unit with baseing and all before I posted it, but I was so happy with the figs I just had to post them, only 1 more base to do, this will be my first Finished unit for Lasalle, (I have another one, but that was just a rebase)
I think even up close they look prety good, I also think I have nailed the faces.
The faces are a coat of dwarf flesh, then the eyes and mouth are just lighlty painted light brown, so the eye sockets are just sligtly darker then the rest.
The I ad light skin to the checks, chin and nose.
I'm very happy with them, but enough shameplass bragging, it's just a modest paint job, not a work of art like the best guys do, but I do think they will look good on the table and even if a player picks the figs up, well will tolarate scrutiny.

I just love the green white mix, just look so good.

See, I and by this I mean I think they look good up close, you might not, I know alot of people think 15mm should never be shown upclose like this, the photo highlights any inperfection.
But I think they take the handycap fearly well.
Anyway I'm realy happy with the 15mm figs I've painted of late, and these are clearly the best. Now I just need to paint 400 more of them


Andy McMaster said...

Your painting is really coming along nicely. Keep up the good work. These are looking excellent.


Conrad Hawkwood said...

now they look thing I will mention ..I have started using Cote-sdes Armes for all my barreala and bayonets..fairly dull but stops the shiny silver a moresubdued effect..

James said...

They look great. I really like the way you threw in some slight color variations on what looks to be the bedrolls or straps of some sort.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks for the comments, it's almost as rewarding to get comments as seeing the finished unit.

I'm not sure what they are, I think they are bedrolls, they also have long winter coats on their backpacks.
They should be gray, so I painted them with to diffrent gray tones, one is mid gray, the other is "more gray" mid gray, half have and half.

The bedrolls should from what I gather be diffrent colors, I kept them all gray/brown/tan.
They are very easy of slow to paint, you got lots of small tings to take care of.
I started on some french in bicorne, they are harder to paint, becasue of the uniform, but somehow faster to paint, not sure how, they just have less small details, the hard part is the while whaistcoate, white straps and white chest thingy, it's a lost of white on white.

Anyway stay tuned, tomorrow the finished prussians will be up.
And again thanks for the comments