Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finished French and table shots

Instead of just posting another unit post, I decided to post some table shots with some more figs.
Problem is that I only have 2 good looking finished units that go togeather, the french new French line battalion and Russians, I have a few other good looking units, but they are either not finished or wrong period(half finished prussian battalion and cav regiment, and a finished prussian battalion but it's post 1813 landwehr)

So to spice things up I put on bad looking units, but in the distance were their suckyness can't be seen that clearly, Up close the good looking, than somewhat behind the repainted french unit(thats aslo the wrong period) then in the background the old crapy stuff.
Anyway to the pics:

Russian/prussian force moving against the french

New french unit getting ready to recive a bayonetcharge by the russians

Picture showing the french suport lines behind

More open pic of the action

Spot the landwehr!

Freshly painted French gun, on the left, expect more pics of it when I finish the base.

Picture from the roof of a russian stable, a few 12pdr guns on the ridge fra back

Then a two closeups of the new French unit, as you can see not as good as the russians, but still worthy of most peoples table, atleast I hope so,

Thanks for stopping buy, I expect a new shippment from eureka late this or mid next week, which should give me two legere units, one russian musketeer unit, and finish the half finished french line battalion, half finished prussian musketeer unit, and half finished prussian kuriassir unit.


James said...

Nice tabletop ! You been holdin' out on us, Truls ? One minute you've got a regiment, the next minute you've got a division supported by cavalry.

Now all you need is a realistically complex set of rules to sink your teeth into. Right, and an opponent.


Gunfreak said...

Well, as I said in the blog, most of those figs look crap, so I had to put them in the background, I don't want to play with them,

the only unit I might till use is the cuirassirs

Bunkermeister said...

Gunfreaks lays out a great table! What wonderful troops.

Would you like to exchange links?



Gunfreak said...

Sure, you got some great stuff on it.

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks, you link is up now.