Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hard Days Work

Ok, today I based two guns, and painted another 24 figs, thats enough to finish up another french line battalion, and make two bases of french legere(man I love those guys)

Ok first up the gubs, one russian 12pdr and one french 8pdr, now the french artillerists ended up with a VERY dark blue, more like Union jackets then french uniform, this is becasue the bottle of paint didn't mix right and I got the super concentrated "sirrup"
Guns are fun to paint, it feels like you paint realy fast, because in the time it takes to paint one infantry figs, you get a nice big gun(if it even takes that long) Thats with alot of work on the barrale.

Now this is an artillery duel, ready set fire!!

Over to the legere, I realy like how they turned out, as you see the blue isn't as dark.
The greene on the sakoes, sholder straps ect. might be to dark, but it does give the "light/jeger/rifle" feel. I say they are almost as nice as my russiasn, just as dark green and white is nice, so is dark blue and white. Now when I finish the two legere battalions they will be my pride and joy of the french units, which ofcourse mean they will get wiped out in every game I ever play, so is the curse, if they ever see double six it will always be on the reciving end from the enemy, and they will always get snake eyes.

Here's the finished line battalion minus the baseing, thats two down two to do.

And this is the resault of todays work

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