Sunday, March 7, 2010

Leger and french forces

Ok, finished painting the Legere figs just now.
Now one thing I'm not sure about is the Voltigeurs.
The Steven Palatka ilustration in Napoleons fines, show them in busby.
Now AB doesn't make those, so I assued they feel the Voltigeurs used shakoes like the chessurs
So I painted them with the same color mix as the ones in the book, so the shako plume has the same color as the plume on the busby, and I'm not sure if thats right.
Now the dark blue means the black outlines and shadeing dosn't show up very well, but it's there.

Close up of Carabiners

And here's the French force so far.
Two line battalions, one legere, I'll start work on another leger battlion.
That togeather with the russians I have now done 128 figs out of the 670 figs I need(minus guns and gunners)

Anyway, on to the next battalion

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