Saturday, May 8, 2010

As promised

Well today I picked up my stuff that got sent from BTC, as usual it's fantastic stuff.
Sadly I did not get to finish painting russian grenadier before the photoshoot, but there are two units in the pics not shown on the blog before, see if you can find them.

Here's the table in all it's glory, the fields are new, so are the hedges, I wanted a generic european fram land thing.
You got the road which is the same as seen on the 40mm pix, the fields, a small forest, that I've made by just having a few trees and lots of flook on the ground, the forest in borderd by a small river. One of the fields are inclosed by stone walls, while the others are open, with a few hedges around them.

Russo-French facedown.

Also new are the movment trays.

March on for the motherland, my comrads!

Cavalry Showdown, with cannon.

The french infantry, two legere battalions up in front in line, and two line infantry in columns.

Frech cav, in the back are some old cuirisiars, I just hadded to give some massed feel.

Single french gun.

Closeup of the french hussars.

Russian dragoons.

Who are these guys?


And the table again.


AD said...

Nice pics!

James said...

Those fields look unusually well cropped for you, GunFreak. Nonetheless, an improvement I should say. A return to more European roots, despite your location?


Gunfreak said...

Well I'm European, Norwegian to be presiece, the only Norwegian Historic wargamer.

Thanks for the comments, always fun to have people leave a comment

James said...

I heard on the TV that presiecely one third of the population of Norway went the Mid-West U.S. during the 19th century for logging jobs. Don't know how accurate that is, but that's a lot of Norwegians.

Very nice table top. That ground cover is excellent.

Gunfreak said...

Yes, there's about 4.5 million americans that are almost wholey or partly Norwegian.
So about as many Norwegians in the USA as in norway, pluss another 450 000 in canada