Monday, May 17, 2010

Base Diorama

Well as usual I just hiter and dither.
Getting REALY tired of 15mm, I started to paint the few alder french I had.
I bought them plaing on useing them for Lasalle, but as you know I did lasalle in 15mm.
But I did have a 100 3" sqaure bases that I was going to use on a 28mm Grand armee thing
the 28mm thing didn't work out, but the grand armee was something I realy wanted to do.
Now in comes this asshole(imagian Penn Jillette's voice saying that) He just happens to have FANTASTIC bases useing alder, no other 6mm pics I've seen have had the samme massed feel to it, and you know how much I like the massed feel.
Take a look at his blog here
Just wonderfull fantastic stuff.
So I was going to do alder 6mm Grand armee, but which battle, didn't want to do any British forces, I get enough of that thought my AWI thing. Don't want to paint the white ausrians, allready doing prussians. Doing 1805-1807 russians. So what to do.
Brorodino it is them.
Naturaly my table isn't big enough, I think I can play about half the battle on my table, but need one thats ATLEAST 10x6 12x6 is better, 12x6 is almost bigger then my apartment so not something I can do with that.
But hell, they way I paint and jump projects It will take sevral decades for me to finish and by then I will have taken over the world and I can use a aircraft hangar for my gaming room.

Anyway here's my teste base, it has 3 battalions in it, 2 in column and 1 in line, and a few random soldiers strageling behind.
There's a good 70 figs on this 3x3 Inch base.
Beeing this big you get the chance of doing a small diorama, just like I saw on Mikes blog,
Lots of stones, gras, gravle, and a small puddle(also stolen from Mike)
They paint job isn't that good, but still some of the best 6mm I've done so far.
The base was mix of great and very bad, the gray color didn't work out, but I do like the puddle and marshy feel ot it, The whole base looks like semi muddy ground with grass ect.
Anyway look at the pictures.

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