Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yet another AWI thingy

As those poor bastards that reguarly read this blog will know, my two main periods are AWI and Napoleoinc, they both have their own flare and taste.

My two Main projects are 40mm AWI and 15mm Napoleincs.
But I'm also doing sevral 6mm Napoleoincs, in adler and irregular. and I'm buying a finished one with baccus figs.

And I'm doing 6mm AWI were I use my own rules, and with baccus figs.
BUT Adler is doing an AWI range to, so I orderd some figs, just to show adler that some people will use the range, I also orderd them in diffrent poses because I think it's cool that someone makes 6mm in diffrent poses.
The plan is to doing the whole of Brandywine both flanks of the battle, thats a BIG AWI battle one of the bigest, while I have with the other projects consentrated on small scale battles.
The 6mm AWI batte with my own rules is Guildford courthouse in about 1:4, the rules are small battles on a big scale.
With the 40mm the size of the table dictates small battles.
But now I'll do a bigger battle on a smaller scale.
I'll still do it in 1:10 as 1:20 is just to small for 6mm, you just can't have 12 figure strong battalions in 6mm.
So battalions will be from 24 for very small to 48 for the biggest.
I'll use 20x20 bases, each base having 8 figures.
I'll use British Grenadier as rules. the problem will be to adapt the ranges for 6mm, the smalles ranges they give are for 15mm, and I still think this is to big ranges for me to do the full brandywine battle on my table. but ranges can be adapted after a few test games.

It's funny ONE 24 fig unit in 40mm cost me, about £72 pluss shipping.
While a 32 fig unit in 6mm cost £1.95 pluss verly little shipping cost.
The diffrence ofcourse is that I only need about 10 units in 40mm, while I need about 40 in 6mm, still the cost is a fraction.

Anyway, I got 6mm Napoleoincs on the way, also from adler, that will get the first paint on them.
Looks for them, in the not to distant future, the bleak dark and sombersome future, were robots eat kittens kittens eat robot kittens. in an never ending kitten eating world, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

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