Friday, May 28, 2010

Trip to the armed forces museum, part. 1 the artillery

Okdoky, was a trip to the Armed forces museum(Forsvarsmueet) It's free admition and it's ok to take pics, the museum has a nice gift shop wih nice but expencive military based books and mixed stuff, from E-Tools, to celebration cannons you can fire at birthdays and sutch.
The museum used to be the royal artillery museum, so it has a lot of hardware, I there are lots of more modern guns I didn't take pictures of,

First up is a 3pdr from latter half of the 18th century, it's suprisingly big, last time I was there they also had a 1pdr that was much bigger then I thought, infact almost the same size as the 3dr, I think they used the exact same carrige, only the tube was diffrent.

Horsedrawn gun, this is a 1pdr beeing drawn by a single horse, norway beeing full of mountians and forests made it hard to have big artillery, a 12pdr ain't much good if you can't get it to the enemy.

A more modern gun, but still muzzle loader, seem to be on the same tech level as ACW rifled guns.

This is a HUGE mofo, not mesuerd in pounds but in inches,

Sorry for very dark picture, it was in general a dark museum, this was the new type of artillery that started to show up late 19th century, and into WW1, but norway beeing norway this was probebly what the germans had to deal with when they invaded in 1940.

While the one over is the newest I have picture of, this is the oldest, medieval in age.

A section of a ship of the line, ca. early 1700s, I thought it was a big mo fo of 64pdr, but it's aperantly "only" a 32pdr, much much bigger then I thought.

What do norwegians love more then blowing up germans battle cruisers?
Whell skiing, and while you'r at it, why not bring some artillery on your cross country skiing trip, I wonder if they use these on the north pole expeditions, just incase they meat a REALY big polar bear.

A big howitzer, late 18th centuary

Same howitzer

Next up is one of my favorite subjects, no Not Jennifer Aniston, but GUNS, smaller ones this time.

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