Sunday, July 25, 2010

Only 6 units to go.

Well 6 I have to paint, then I buy 14.
The first 7 of which is lost in the postal service of the world somewere.
Anyway I've now painted 8 units, 1 british battery, two british battalions, one regiment of light dragoons and one battalion portugeuse, thats the allied side, on the french I've painted a regiment of dragoon, a regiment of hussars and a battlion of legere. total 8. Pluss 3 generals.
Now what do I have left to do?
3 more battlions of portugeuse, 1 battalion of legere, a regiment of light dragoon, and a french battery. Total of 6.,or about 152 figures.
Now what do I buy, well those lost figures I hope will find their way home are 3 british and 4 french. Then I hope to buy in quick succesion 5 more french and 2 British. Total total 9 french bought and 5 British, pluss the ones I paint for a total of 11 infantry units on both sides.

Here they are 134 figs(that 24 french extra with the wrong uniforms)

British forces.

French forces. with 24 in Bardin uniform.

Highlanders and line battalion

Fresh unit of 9pdr battery, the color is a little to blue and not grey enough, but it was the closest color I had.

Still unbased Light dragoons With Cotton infront

First finished battalion of portugeues, these are my first "non major country" all other figs I've painted, be they Britsh, french, russian, or prussian, have all been major powers of the period.
These are the first of the minor states.

Closeup of the french. the only other french units I'm gonna paint is one more legere and a battery.
Now I only have to keep at it, I just orderd enough portugeuse to make two more units. Then I have to buy a battery of french guns, and the legere I have the figs for the light dragoons but since I can't count for shit, I orderd two to few horses.
I hope by then that foundry has started is quartarly 20% off sale, and I can buy the russian mini army.

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