Monday, July 26, 2010

Tableshots July 2010

This is a semi anual/monthly/daily post, which happnes everytime I get some new goodies for my table, and I redo it.
Today I got a nice package from fedex shipped by the nice people at terrafirma.
I got like 9 or 10 more terrain boards, so I could get a full table with out having to use to much road or river boards, this give me the option of having a full 4X7 table and no water, or if the day comes and I get a bigger table or a gaming club to ren a space so we can have a big club table, I have alot of peices and can probebly do a 5x10 table with them, but then I would be forced to use lots of roads and rivers. I also got some more hedges and some stone walls, I tried to do a table with a buildt up area, but it just takes to much room, even a small single house thing with walls, but with the 9" rule in RtE and even if the building is in the middle of the table, it takes up so much room any deployment area gets affacted.

Infact I got so much stuff for the table I had to scale back, it just got to busy, so most of the stone walls did not get to be on the table, The table is basicly in two parts, a open space, sutible for both massed infantry and cavalry action aswell as artillery duels, lots of open sweeping country, the other part is developed country, a big ass wheat field surrouned by hedges on 3 sides and a stone wall on the fourth.


The whole table.

Cavalry by the road protecting a battery.

French cavalry charge over the field, with shells going of here and there.

Discharge from the Artillery

Same scene.

Same charge from the other side.

While the cav and artillery does their stuff, the infanty fight it out on the other side of the field.

Close action carnage

Poor Britsh soldiers fall like files.
The gate is brand new.

But the french do so to.

Legere fight it out with Highlanders.

Portugeues move across the weatfield to flank the french.

The whole weatfield, I expect a lot of heavy pitch fighting will take place here.
So this Tableshot post has been brought to you by arachno Spores, the deadly spores with the funny name.


Conrad Hawkwood said...

looks terrific!

Gunfreak said...


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great shots...excellent work

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, it will be fun to finnaly play some on the table