Friday, August 20, 2010

Pictureless update

Well, apernatly Bangladesh Customs are evil bastards, they now hold my french and british hostage or something, aperantly they are med of silver, so right now nobody knows what the hell is going to happen, this is ofcourse not Neils fault, is has never happend to any package he has sent before, and he has sent lots of packages since with no problem, just my standard bout of bad luck.
This has ofcourse totaly fucked up my plans for a quick and easy way of getting two gamable forces. So I'm "slighlty" anoyed at the bangladesh costoms.
Anyway, this has lead to some changes in planes,

1. I'm not gonna paint any more british/portugese tho I only had two more to do. but since my french aren't gonna show up for months and months now. I've kinda lost a taste for doing it.
2. I have orderd austrians from sash and saber, they are very nice figures and only $1 a fig.
3. I have a bunch of russians on the way from foundry, that will end up as 3 battalions of jegers.
4. I've orderd prussian landwehr from calpe
5. I've orderd more ready painted figs from Neil, austrians and prussians.

Now this means I got ALOT of coalition forces. infact when they are painted up, I'll have 12 battlions worth.

BUT that leaves the french with 1 battalion, even if it's one battalion of the 13th legere, I doubt they can win.
Which leaves.

6. I have orderd vistula legion figs,
7. I have orderd bravarians.

This means I'm gonna make a very unhistoric division, I just can't bear the though of painting all those french my self, so I'll just have to wait for the RBP shippment to get released from hostage to get the french.
So my totaly unhistoric division will have french light infantry brigade, vistula legion brigade and a bravarian brigade. Now the plan is to just make this rag tag division so I CAN FINNALY PLAY.
The allies will have the same unhistoric divsion of russians, prussians and austrians in one division, just so i CAN FINNALY PLAY.

Hopefully the brigades will be expanded into divisions. so one day I'll have a austrian, russian, prussians, polish, bravarian and french divsion along with my British..

But this is getting realy complicated, my simple plan gone to hell,
PS, Again this is not Neils fault, just bad bad luck. which is why I orderd more figures from him.

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Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

i think your armies are looking fantastic...great job. I understand how you feel about your miniatures getting lost and delayed. happened to me a few times...very upsetting