Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More on the GdB project.

Now I'm painting some 1805-1807 Russian grenadiers, as they were ready primed and just laying around, these are for my lasalle project, but there is nothing stopping me from useing them in a GdB game.

But for my propper GdB project I'm gonna do two things.

1. French Empire figures, so these can be used for 1808-1814, my division will be based on 1st division of 1st corps at borodino
2. 1812 Russians I have orderd 4 battalions worth of musketeers that will be the first brigade in a 3 brigade division.
3. I buy some od Austrians
4. Peninsula British, I have order a full battalion in flank company uniform to make into 23rd regiment of foot, they might not be perfect, the problem that as a fusilier battalion they have shoulder wings, but they would not have the bugle shako plate I think the AB flank company has.
I have also order 3 regiments worth of heavy dragoons, that are beeing shipped directly to Neil for painting.

Now I have made a Friend that has allready started and come a long way on his french 1812 army.
So my French aren't that important to worry about, so I'll concentrate on Russians, then Brtish as a second, then french and finally austrians.

Now the French 1st division 1st corps is a very big division of 15 battalions, 3 brigades of 5 battalion each, each brigade is actualy a huge regiment of 5 battalions.
This means that the first 2 battalions will be a vetran, some will even be elite, the 3rd will be less good, and the last two will be quite bad, not sure if I should let them be 2nd line grade or even worse, but Wi'll see, also since this is based on Borodino I doubt any battalions would get even close to full strengh, so most french battalions will be small 24 strong, most units had by the time of borodino lost lots and lots of men, to exaustion, desertion, desease and battle, after all 400 000 soldiers were now down to 120 000.
I'll also try and make a dragoon brigade to, to be used then the division is in "spain" and heavy cav was not normal, also when used as a spanish division, two battalions from each brigade/regiment is removed. to bring to closer to spanish sized division.

But 24 times 15 is still 360 figures. plus artillery 2 batteries, and attached Cavalry, I'm thinking both heavy and light brigades.

Now the Russians will be based on the 11th Infantry divsion at Borodino, standard russian division of 3 brigades, 2 musketer and one jeger, plus 3 batteries, also since the french got their heavy cav brigade the russians have to have theirs to.
And the russians have 3 batteries BIG batteries, 2 6pdr and 1 12pdr.

Now the British, I'm tempted to make an fantasy divsion so I get 42nd highlanders, 88th, 23rd, 33rd ect. but it would be to much,
I'm gonna have to do a historic divison and stick to it, so the 4th division based on Salamanca will be the one I'm gonna do. They get a light and heavy cav brigade to, the heavy one will be based on the heavy one at Salamanca, and is gonna be painted at RBP,
Now the divison is a small one only 224 figures, 5 British and 4 portugese.
The french "spanish version" will be about the same number of figures.
The british division only has one battery, a small 9pdr one.

The Austrians are still up in the air, I'll just buy and pain figures and see when I get close to getting something like a gamable force. But it will have all the diffrent types in infantry. grenz, germans, hungerians and jegers.

Now what would be realy fun is since my Britsh and cut down french divisions are so small, I might actualy be able to have two division on each side, it would still only be 900 figures, in 15mm, that should be doable, after I was about to have 600 28mm on the table, then 900 15mm should be perfaclty acceptable, when you concider that a 24 strong battalion is only 10cm in forntage, and a 32 only 12. Thats not a lot. that means a brigade of 3 battalions in line might only be 30cm, if it's in suport formation of 2 in line with one behind, then only about 20+ cm counting a little space between the battalions.

But thats far far into the future, some time after the world ends in 2012 or after the world gets hit by an astroid in 2029.

Now my friend has, well I don't want to talk about his personal life, lets just say he did good in school and dosn't have to live on welfare like me, so he has a little more money to spend.
So he is well on his way of quite a big force, hopefulle we will meet soon and we can see just what we can do with the forces he has. he is basicly makeing the grand armee in 15mm, with every single battalion made, so thats like 150 battalions all 24 or more figures strong. So there will be alot of figures to play with.

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