Sunday, August 29, 2010

Well I'll be damed!

In the litral sense, as I see my well layed planes fall around me, I'm loosing heart.
I've orderd lots of 28mm, and I'm glad my figs are starting to look ok, but I kinda lost heart after the debacle with the evil customs.

AND THEN, I looked at this blog

Which reminded me how much I do like to paint those wonderfull AB.
So I have now orderd Austrians, British and French AB.

In the mean time I'll try my best to paint a few more 28mm units.
I just finished my only big Russian unit, it's 40 stong, and I think it looks realy realy good, I'll post pics when the basing is done, I also hope to finish a unit of russian jagers and austrian Grenz.

But ok, on to the new 15mm project. this is project?!?! eh
Lets se, carry the 15, divid be 23.6 add the 1203 splitt my head with a axe and I get
I think 10, thats not adding the projects that's on hold or canceld.

This like the Lasalle 15mm project will be aimed at a special rule.
This time, I'm going all the way back, back before the dinosaurs back to when the arthropods first cralled up from the oceans, you know about 400 000 000 years ago, back then when I started wargaming and I bought my very first rule book, I was talking to this fish that had sprouted legs and started walking on land, and I asked which rules I should get, it beeing a fish didn't answer so I took a time machine back to the happy 2000s when computers only had 2 gigs or ram and nobody had quad cores, when hybrids were the big new thing, oh happy days.
Well the rules I get then was General De Brigade.

I actualy started to reread the rules againt, after reading about a dozen others since I first got them, and I even rember most of the rules still, even tho it's two years since I used them last. and when I reread them, I got a new apritiation of them, they are extremely well made, oldschool with out beeing old, classic with out beeing dated, the capture the period flavory perfectly.
So I decided to to make my forces for these rules, which are comming out in a delux edition in just a few months.
There will be two bases, some units are based on 6 figures a base while other on 8, so my 6 figure pr base will be on a 30x25mm base, while my 8 to base will be on 30x30.

The rules are fun, quite easy to get into, very well made, and feel like the way I feel wargaming should be.

But ofcouse this means I don't know when or where or if ever I'll get a gameable force.

Well made planes of mice and men and all that.
But I have started school, tho it's only 3 days a week it does mean homework, I also have other ingadements during the week, so I my painting scedual will be more pressed, Friday evening, saturday, sunday and mabye monday will be my painting days.
So thats it, nothing to see here, move along, pipp pipp cheerio and all that.

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Conrad Hawkwood said...

Glad to have been of inspiration GF...