Thursday, September 2, 2010

Russians in two scales

Ok, I have started work on my 15mm againt, basicly just doing it to practice on 15mm after 6mm and 28mm. I have painted 24 out of 32 russian grenadiers of the 1807 period.

Anyway, as I mentioned the French will be based on 1st division 1st corps Borondino now thats 15 battalions, but small battalions, now add 2-3 heavy cav, and 2-3 dragoons/light cav, thats a big force, Or about 450 figures.

That is a force my 224 british infantry would have big problems handeling, even with 3 heavy regiments of dragoons and 3 of light cav thats only about 332. Thats why I'll add the light division to, that give me 456 british figures. the light division is a small one, two small rifle battalion and two bigger light infantry battalions, but still only 124 figures.
Also I just can't field carabiners or cuirassiers in Spain, so they will be exchanged for dragoons, when fighting the British.

Now to be honeset I have no ide if I can field such big forces on my table, I get a little more room on my table, becasue of the basing I use, I squees a few cm here and there. But still 900 15mm is a lot for 4x7 table, I got 750 15mm on it a few years ago, with no problem, and that was with more space demanding baseing, so will see if my space saving baseing lets me get another 150 on the table, with out it beeing to crouded, but I highly doubt my table will be full any time soon.

Now on to the pictures, here's my finished russian battalion, I like it alot, looks good, the flags are the wonderfull flags of mavrick models, these are made on material, so when the glue hardens, you get permanant crumples ect. looks very good.

Then we got the AB grenadiers, this time I tried to kinda paint them like 28mm, the jackets got 3 diffrent greens, the face got 3 diffrent flesh, now the white trousers are harder so they only got two diffrent colors, now the scale makes it important to get more contrast on the colors, in 28mm you can be very subtile, but you have to go more "big" on this scale or you would never see it.

The jackets is main color russian green, then got highlights of forest green, and shaded with Olive drab. the trousers are shaded with undyed wool, the undyed wool is a little tricky, some times it works great other times not so much, but it only realy shows up on pics, in your hands it looks very good.

Thats it for now. See you later.