Saturday, August 14, 2010

Only 4 units to go

Well I finished my second unit of light dragoons, and the french battery.
I also finnaly based the first dragoon unit, so now all my cav is done,(woo hoo)
I realy did not want to do the dragoon or artillery unit, which is never a good thing, and natuarly they didn't become my best work, the dragoons turned out ok, but the french gunners were realy rushed and not that good.
I've also spent a lot of time doing bases, the russians needed baseing, two dragoon units, the artillery ect.
So this is all my 28mm forces, mostly french and british, with the single russian unit.
In total 249 figs and 7 guns.
There is still no sign of the reinforcements from Neil, they might still be in Bangladseh or in germany or Iraq or Northern Mongolia. Who knows.


Lord Hill said...

bigger pics? Impossible to see even what period the figs are from this distance

Gunfreak said...

Sorry, no bigger pics this time, but later on I'll post an introduction to each brigade