Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some figs I realy like

Now it's amazing how much getting the right combo of colors help.
And I think I've hit the nail on the head on this combo.
It's subtile dosn't screem look at me, but it does give depth and helps the look of the figs.
Basicly I paint the main green with Russian Green from coat d'amrs, I think highlight by dry brushing forest green over it, and finnaly I shade with olive drab, it works REALY well, ofcourse the picture dosn't do it justice.

Now these carabiners will be devided among 3 jeger battalions

They doo look good with their all green uniforms
Now the faces have taken a down turn again, for some reason the genadier/carabiner faces are less forgivng then the faces on the musketeers in greatcoats.
On iths last picture you might be able to see the shade and highlight.
Well thats it for today, tomorrow I start school again for the first time in 6 years, sadly noting cool just math which I failed 8 years ago, and have to take again, I'm not sure how this will affect my painting time, since it's only one subject, it will probebly only be 3 days a week and just a couple of hours a day, but since I SUCK at math the work might make me bumbed and not in the painting mood, OR I might have to paint to keep me sane. Anyway wish me luck!

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