Monday, September 6, 2010

1st chasseurs-à-cheval

Well I suck at painting cavalry, and braid ain't doing it any easier.
These are the earlier type, almost hussar like in uniforms.
But as I hate to paint cav, they'll have to stand inn for the late type to.
I do need another regiment tho, my light cav brigade will have 2 chasseur regiments and one hussar, like they often did in real life.

I didn't find any online sources for these, so I had to paint then after a picture I had in one of my books, and they were slighlty diffrent then these models so I had to guess at the shako, and might very well total wrong.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

If I had to do it again...I would do something like that, lot of colors,
eyecandy...great job.

James said...

In GdB terms would that be a cavalry regiment with four squadrons ?

I like how you paint your figures, but I'm not a fan of the basing, but that's probably just me and a minority view.


Gunfreak said...

Well GdB uses 1:20 scale, so it would either be something like a small regiment with 2-4 small squadrons, or it might be half regiment of 2 bigger squadrons.

Realy GdB dosn't go down to squadron level, you simply have to look at the cavalry as a force of cavlary, might be some squadrons or might be full regiment.

What is it you din't like about the baseing?
To crowed? ther senics?

James said...

I'm just a neat freak. I like sharp lines and smooth edges. I don't like flocking, simulated grass, etc... Just me I guess, cause I'm probably one of the few people who thinks clean stands look better. My own ACW stands are solid plastic, dark green from Litko. There's no busyness or detraction from the colors on the miniature, however average the paint is.

I like how you paint your figures though. Each has personality. Spacing is good also.