Saturday, September 4, 2010

Command base

Well while I wait for my kiloes upon kiloes of AB I've started work on stuff I can paint, that I can use for my new projects, not all I have can be used, as the stuff I have is aimed at 1805-1807 period. But commanders look more or less the same, so I can paint them, so I made my command base for the french, this is gonna be my CinC, if I field a division he'll be a divisonal commander, if I field a corps he'll be a corps commnader.

My brigade commanders will have two figures, so this one stands out with 3 figures. it got a ADC holding a horse, and the commander on his horse, and finnaly a hussar messanger/bodyguard/ADC from the 5th regiment elite company, with some diffrences. very fancy guy and spent quite some time on him, he has a brown fur dolman, instead of the regular black, he got brown fur trim on his pelise, sky blue uniform, and very cool red hussar boots.

Also I got a pack of chessurs, they are the early type, with lots of braid, but they'll have to stand in for later chassurs, it's not as obvious as french infantry in bicorne vs. shako. so they'll just have to do,

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paulalba said...

Very cool Mr Gunfreak, very cool.
I particularly like the red boots!