Friday, September 10, 2010

Two new units

Well it's been a wooping 4 days since last post, and since you've waited so long, I'll give to two units today.

First up an unit I realy like the 17th line in their very temorary white uniforms, that were only used 1806-1807, now I realy like this one, but it looks terrible on picture, I do not know why, in person they look quite good, but on pictures they look like shit.

The unit looks smart, espesaly the grenadiers with their red epulates.
This is a tiny 24 stong unit, it takes up like NO ROOM!!, only 10cm frontage, I can place 21 of them along the table, so it will give me plenty of room to work with.
I need another battalion to get the regiment.

Then we got some Russian Grenadiers a 32 strong unit, it takes up 12cm frontage, at even tho it's only 2cm diffrence, it feel alot bigger then the smaller french, when I place them next to eachother, those 2cm looks like alot.

The russians are easier to paint then the french, again I paint them like 28mm, 2-3 colors on each part, I did forget to highlight the plumes tho.

I got another unit planned,

Well hope you enjoyed the units, I still havn't gotten any of the newer figs i've orderd yet.
They might show up next week.
On a side note, I had to cancle my visa card, as someone had spent $300 worth of my money on online betting, this means there will be sevral weeks before I get a new card, and then some more days before I can get it online with paypal, so I can't use my paypal for atleast 3 weeks.

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