Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just some short updates

Yes, I'm afraid another pictureless update.

Now I'm starting to get quite alot of allies, 4 big battalions of austriasn, soon I got a 3 battalion brigade of prussians and then I have 3 battalions of russian jegers primed and ready to be painted, this is be my VERY unhistoric allied division. The plan is ofcourse to one day, expand each of these 3 brigades into 3 divisions, I all ready have 1 battalion of hungerian line infantry in the works. And some prussian reserve infantry, and ofcourse my russians in great coats, I almost bought some more of those, now that foundry had thier 20% sale, but I had to remember that I still need to pay Neil for the austrians and prussians, and the 10mm Alamo thing, then my british 15mm dragoons also from neil.

But now I have the problem of lots of allies very few french, even if all my french (two battalions) were old guard, they will would lose. So to remidy, I have gotten my old boxes of victrix french, those left over from my 1 battalion of legere, out of those 3 boxes I can probebly scrouge 3 line battalions, I have allready glued and primed one battalion of 24 togeather, I hope to get 1 more of 24 and one of 32, from the two other boxes.

I have also taken some money and bought the divisional army deal from perry, thats 336 infantry some colonels, generals and artillery. The problem is that they are in bardin uniforms, but half are in greatcoats hiding thier jackets, so I'm gonna use them as marie louises for the 1813 battles, the shako is kinda wrong, but they will have to do, that leaves 168 figures in bardin uniforms? Well I do my prussians that can be used for 1815, so when my prussian brigade is expended into a prussian division, they can fight the bardin clad frenchies, also the austrians can fight the french in what if battles also of 1815, and if I ever do a what if campaign, of 1815 the russians might get a taste of battle to.

Anyway thats the report for now,

PS. I alos hope to show a suprise some time during this month, I'll try and keep it, I suck at keeping my own secrets, other peoples secrets are fine, my own, eat me up and usualy spill the beans, so I'll try to keep it, I doubt I can show it untill late this month, now feel free to ponder and guess at the secret, it only makes it more fun,


James said...

Norwegians with state money to burn. Whatever.

James said...

If only we could all be check receiving members of the Norwegian Socialist Front. You shouldn't forget to thank the Storting in your posts :)


Gunfreak said...

True, I also get free school,

But when I start a real job, I'll pay it back, a semi good paying job means I pay back about as much tax in year as I resicve a year now.

So I'll pay back my share quite fast.

Gunfreak said...

Also you you seem a bit cross today, tired of my blog?

James said...

No, I'm not tired of your blog.

But if I was cross, I was just wondering where my free money is. Seems like everyone gets a friggin' free check in the US, or some other form of state sponsored bonus or exemption or leg up or extra-legal right, except caucasian males. :)


Gunfreak said...

I might get $20 000 a year from the govermnet, but I can't own a car and even if i could the car would cost $70 000, pluss the $3000 for my lisence, and of couse the $3000 a year would have to pay in road taxes and car taxes, thats not even with the insurrance.

I would rather have a real job, have an bigger apartment, and a car, then get free money, I just can't at the moment.

James said...

Yeah, but in Norway, if you have rheumatism, the state will pay to send you to the Canary Islands for 3 weeks. And that's a fact cause I know a person, who's Norwegian, but who lives in the US and is getting ready to move back to get all the perks.

How much debt are you in, Truls ?

In the US, unless you go into debt, you don't get a job. You gotta buy into everything here. Why ? I don't get it. Math, science or engineering, is the thing to do in school. So you're on the right track. Anything to do with the humanites doesn't seem to be taken seriously or isn't considered worthwhile. Disappointing is all. Oh well, I'll stop whining now.

Your figs look good. I hope you can finish one of your many projects ! Good luck with it !


Gunfreak said...

The only "debt" I have is I need to pay about $300 on my Mastercard.

Yes, if you can prove you need something medical that is vital to your life of quality of life, you will get it more or less for free,

So anybody that is unlucky enought to get cancer will never have to worry about bacnrupting the family,

Also you never have to pay more then about $250 in medical bills a years, if you go past that in vital medicins, you get the stuff for free for the rest of the year. including doctors bills for apointment from them.

Of course you can all have this, just move here, then we can game together.

James said...

I was talking to guy just a couple of days ago, who's going to see a family relation who's on his death bed in a VA hospital. Apparently, the gentleman didn't talk about his war time experiences until he got sick.

He got drafted in the late Vietnam War years. He served his first tour as a gunner on a helicopter. When he first tour was up, he asked to get medic training and volunteered for three more tours serving on helicopters. I was told he said, "I did it cause I wanted to finish what was started and to see it to the end". He also said he got a lot of satisfaction in trying to save guys who were wounded.

On one mission his helicopter got shot down over a hot LZ and the pilot was killed. He was the only uninjured man and he fought off NVA attacks all night from on top of the wrecked helicopter until they got rescued the following morning. They counted over 30 NVA bodies around the wreck. Not sure, but apparently he got the Silver Star.

Now that's a man who deserves all the bonuses and perks and is a good story to keep in mind when one wants to whine.

Well, Truls, I rather suspect the Norwegians don't make easy to get all those perks and my credit card can't afford the flight.

Gunfreak said...

I could never be a soldier or combat medic, hence my great respect for them and what they do.

But enough politics, wanna guess at the suprise?

James said...

I was just relating that story b/c it's a good reason to not complain, and to try n' be thankful for what you do have. I also heard that he said all the life he took weighed on him, especially cause most of the NVA at that time in the war were under 18 years of age. I'm glad I was never in war. That said, if the Uncle Same ever said, "It's your turn buddy", I would say "OK."

You're moving into a house ?

Gunfreak said...

Now the only two things that could get me to move into a house is 1 a huge basement for my 18x6 table, and a wife, as non of those things seem to happen any time soon, there won't be a house.

Yes you have to be thankfull for what you got.