Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another one of those horrible pictureless updates

Well It's been a wooping 5 days and no update, and I realy havn't painted anything either, just didn't feel like it.

I've been waiting of figures for my secret project, and they havn't shown up. And I realy want to paint them. So I don't feel like painting, if they don't show up today I'll just paint some Mexicans.

I'm also starting another project, YES I KNOW this is starting to get redicules this has to be project number 77 or something.

But I've wanted to do WSS for a long time and now those Wargames Factory WSS figs are comming, at less then 3kr a figure it's hard to say no, this is gonna differ from my normal projects as I'm doing two minor countries instead of the normal major powers, I'm gonna do Hanover and Bravaria, Hanoverians look more or less like British with their red uniforms, but have slighlty diffrent facings, but the Bravarians look very cool in their "not sky blue" coats they look quite sharp, my plan is 5 brigade force on each side, 3 brigades of infantry and 2 of cavalry, a total of 9 battalions and 6 regiments of horse,

But this is in the future, the figures won't be released until November.

Also my Alamo order got sent yesterday or today, I need to buy some real paint, I can't paint that big model with small bottles of paint, so I need to buy some real house paint. Hopefully I don't have to buy a liter or even half a liter, I think 25cl should do.

The OG 10mm Range is defently less detailed and just less then the pendraken 10mm.
I've looked at the Texas artillery crew and even single figures are defenetly not as good pendraken, but they'll do.
I'm not sure how the model will go tho, I never was very good at painting buildings, and this is big, so I have decided to paint each section completly before moving on to the next part, I think it comes in 12 sections, so the main stuff will be white, with adobe showing up here and there, then the wood at the palasade and gun decks. Some of the white will have become misscolord and more sand colored ect. I have the great Ilustrated Alamo that will help.

Thats all for today.

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