Monday, October 4, 2010

538 28mm figures

Now I've only painted 330 of them have been painted by me. 208 were ready painted by Reinforcments by post, I still got atleast 194 unpained,

The 330 have been painted since June, so about 5 months.
538 would have been a huge division at 1:20 if it was all once force at over 10 000 soldiers, infact it would be to big, I have found that my max is 400 figures pr. side in 28mm, and even that will be a full table. Had I stuck to one force I would have finished it, and still be over 100 figures into the other side, close to having a gameble force.
Instead I jump, first it was easy british and french with most of the figures bought ready, then that plan went to hell, so now I'm basicly doing all 5 major powers, Austrian, British, French, Prussian and Russian and minor powers like Poland, Bravaria and Portugal. As explaned in the pervious post I will make a rag tag division of Russian, Prussian and Austrian.
But the overwhelming figures here are Allied, so I need to get my but in order and paint some of those french.

Anyway here they are, 538 28mm figures on about 3x2 feet of space.

Also I see nobody have tried to guess at what my secret project is.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Pretty impressive

paulalba said...

That's a great looking collection you have there!