Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The advantages of my basing and a little secret.

Well I found out I actualy got to wargaming related secrets, so I'll reveal my first and smallest, but keep the bigger one.

Also some boring numbers about my basing.

For ease I'm only gonna use my 28mm baseing, but I do simular stuff for my 15mm.

Now my baseing has one big and one small advantage, and some what I think are minor disadvantages(tho for some these will be to big to use my type of baseing)

The first and biggest is of course space saving, just to how how much.

Lets say you got a unit of 30 28mm figures, with the standard 45x45mm base with 6 figures on it, this will be 22.5cm frontage, while my 32 figures will be on 50mm base with 8 on each, that is 20cm, a tiny saving of 2.5cm, not a lot but with 12 battalions that is 30cm saving, or a foot,
If you use 32 figure battalions with my basing, instead of 36 figues you save a wooping 84 cm.

But lets say you have small battalions of 24, in 6 by 4 you need 18cm, with my 8 by 3, you need 15, with 12 battalions or 36cm saved, if you got a big corps sized game, you save mabye more then 72cm frontage.

But then mabye you got huge 40 and 48 figure austrian battalions. a 48 figure battalion in 6 by 8 you need 36 cm, with my 8 by 6 you need 30, or 72 cm saved with 12 battalions.

As you can see you save alot of space, the more or bigger battalions you have, the more space you save. even with small 24 figure battalions, you basicly make your table a foot longer.

Now the second and smaller advantage is more massive units, they are really shoulder to shoulder, and get the true napoleoinc feel,

Now there are some disatvantages, I'm pernonaly to lazy to use more then one basetype(I do in 15mm but not in 28)

This means I'm stuck with 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 figre battalions, that means I miss out on the often used 36 figure battalion, now there is nothing stopping you from useing 40mm bases instead of the standard 4.5 with 6 figures, you get some of the same effects, more closed formations and you save 5mm pr. base, means a 36 figure unit would be 3cm less frontage,
That is an option, then use 8 on 50mm bases for the other sizes.

The second disadvantage is not all figures are small enough, I found that perry/victrix work fine, OG 2nd edition works really well they take like no room, even front rank works, but calpe is a problem I do get them there, but they bases don't go perfectly togeather, so there is a little room bestween each base,

And finnaly a lot of people don't like so massive bases, they like to make a mini diorama on each base, mabye a casualty ect, stuff that takes alot of room.

Now with that boring number talk over with I'll reveal my little secret.

No I'm not Sadam Hussein hiding in Norway, as I said it was wargaming related.

So what is it, Drumm roll...................... birrrrrrrrrrrrr


Battle of Brandywine IN 10mm, the plan is to do Knyphausen's battle for British grenadier.
I've choosen 10mm, becasue 1, since I'm allready doing The Alamo in 10mm, I'm damned allready so I might as well go to hell with a bang, 2 I think Pendraken 10mm, actualy look better then most 15mm AWI ranges(mabye only the 15mm that is better is peter pig, but the range is very small) Pendarken got the campaign uniforms for the british and got hessain ect.
Really Pendraken is 10mm version of perry's 28mm range, now I got some picutres of other peoples work with pendraken, but I don't want to post other peoples work with out premission, but the pictures look fantastic, really like the best of 15mm, only in 10mm.

I'm gonna go away from my patented baseing, since we all know by now, that British and americans fought in semi open order, so I'm gonna base 4 figures to a 20mm square base, thats not close at all in 10mm, so it should look ok, this does mean that my 10mm, will not be any more space saving then 15mm, so I will play my battles with 15mm, scales, which my my battles won't be any bigger then a 15mm BG battle. That means I can only do one part of the battle of brandywine, I had faint hope of doing the WHOLE battle, both flanks in 10mm, but it just won't do, mabye with a 8x6 table, but not with a 4x7 table, But that does mean I got a clear goal and not sevral thousand figures to paint, it's still a little under 600 figures, but that is still quite alot less then the 13 000 6mm projects I got, or the 3000 15mm project, or the 2500 for my 28mm projects.

So I'm exited, it will be fun, it's not an endles stream of figures to paint, it's clear infront of me. And it will be fun to get back into AWI this is of course my 4th scale in AWI and my 5th project for that period. But we don't talk about that.

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