Saturday, October 30, 2010

Second WSS project

Well those pendraken WSS figures were to much to resist.

Again the rules will be Black Powder. the questinon is, how to do it.

I have two options

1. Single base units, this is diffrent then the default rules, but since WSS is very liniear it might not be a problem, the base will be 30x50mm, with 30 figures in 3 ranks, this means lots of battalions, something like 25 battalions and 18 regiments of horse, but I don't think BP works that well with so many units, atleast not unless you got sevral players, but as you know, norway has a lack of players.

2. Two base units, this lets me do very basic formation changes, if I want square I plase it back to back, or one after another to make "columns" this means 60 figures pr. unit, and alot less units, mabye 12-14 battalions and 10 regiments of horse. Now 60 soldiers in 3 ranks will looks very cool.

So what should I do?

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david said...

If you want, have a look on the League of Augsberg website under 10mm Marlborough by 'sheepman', I put some pics on the 'what are you painting' section and it may give you some ideas. I will also go for Blackpowder though originally when I started I was doing a variation of General de Brigade (with many changes) using casualty markers.
Good luck