Monday, November 1, 2010

Me Reenacting?

Like I don't have enough stuff you spend money on.
But this is the natural step up from wargaming, after painting some hundred ACW uniforms it will be nice to have one to put on.

ACW is reenactment is the natural choice, it's a HELL OF A LOT CHEAPER then Napoleoinc, second Napoleoinc is realy a non option since there is only like two people doing it in norway and I don't know them. Since I'm allready doing Wargaming almost alone, I'm not gonna do it again with reenactment, espesaly since it would cost like 70-100 000 NOK to get a complete impression.

ACW lets you buy propper non Farb quality stuff online, no tailors needed. and you only have 4 big expencive parts, jacket, a propper jacket will run 250 dollars, same with leatherworks, and ofcourse the rifle and finnaly shoes. the rest is minor cheaper stuff.

Also besides the money issue, there is an active reenactor group, the 7th texas. They are on the level no farb stuff, got quite strict uniform regulations, now if they'll noly let me in.

Now I'm realy a northern man, but since they are doing rebs I have to be a reb, the also do the 15th wisconsin but it's vulantary if you want to do it.

So now it's only a question about finding stores that send to norway and have propper gear and clothing, I have found my leather works allready and it can be shipped to norway.
I have found the right jacket and trousers but I don't know if they send to norway yet.

I'll keep you updated as I fall into the depths of another expencive hobby.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Well, lets see what you look like as a yankee ...or a rebel

The Angry Lurker said...

Yes, we need pictures.