Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bad WIP pictures

Well with the planed reenactment thing I felt like painting ACW figs. I got sevral laying around, I got a box of perry plastic, I got like 50 sash and saber and I got 30-40 perry plastic ready glued togeather that has been spread around my apartment for two years.

First up is the 6th Wisconsin from the Iron Brigade, this is Sash and saber, which are realy nice figures, the only problem I have is that some of the soldiers look like Nathan Bedford Forrest, not very nice for Union soldiers is it.

It's winter here in norway and that means the sun goes away at 4 in the afternoon, and before x-mas it will be down by 3.

This means I rearly get the chance to take pictures in daylight exept mabye during the weekends. So here are some union soldiers of the 6th Wisconsin taken in apartment light, which means more or less all the details disapear, But I realy like them, the royal blue looks great on them, I've found a great light blue to shade the sky blue trousers ect. S&S realy is great figures and if you buy them in bulk you get them for the fantastic price of 1 figure for 1 buck, thats half price of even modestly priced metal 28mm, and the figures DO NOT SEEM LIKE BUDGET FIGURES, they are realy realy good and not just becasue of the price, they could easly have been twice the price and still not overpriced(but don't tell them that or they might hike up the price)

It got all you realy need, you got iron brigade, zouave, and lots of poses for the rebs, they got all the guns you need including less iconic guns like the 6pdr.

Great range, now I only need to wait for my check to come in as payment for all this comercal stuff.

Anyway on to the pics

This is actualy 40mm fence, not sure if I can use it, the kneeling soldiers should realy be able to have thier muskets over the top of the fence, but I don't know if I can bear the thought of buying another 20 feet of fencing.

Since I'm doing it for Black Powder, all unit will be 24 strong, that 3 bases of 50mm, for a frontage of 15cm, since my table isn't that big, I'll half the ranges of the rules, to 6" movment, and 12" fire.

I think few sights are cooler in the table then a union fireing line, but I'll get back to that in an upcoming post.

The light realy makes it hard to see details, so you just have to belive me when I say they are there.

Well thats all, I just had to post some pictures, when I realised it had been almost 3 weeks since the last pics on this blog, and we can't have that, can we?

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Josiah Martin said...

I agree on the S&S figs, they are really great. Good job on the paint job too.

I think the fence looks great with them! I wouldn't worry about getting a smaller scale.