Thursday, November 4, 2010

My favorite uniforms part 1.

Now I'm gonna post some of my favorite uniforms in no partucular order.
I realy have two things I look at when juding uniforms, how good and cool are they on a single soldier and how good do they look on mass.

Some uniforms look realy good up close, the ulimate example of this is ofcourse hussar uniforms, the braid the colors ect. but hussars never realy look that good on mass to me, the colors become blobs, the braid dosn't show up.

On the other exteme example is ofcourse ACW uniforms, bland and boring right?
Weeeeell I do get bored quite fast painting them, but if you look at it, those uniforms are actualy kinda cool, not showy but they look like soldiers, they are part oldschool horse and musket uniforms and part modern industrial uniforms it's a cool mix, compeard to Napoleoinc or even Cremian uniforms they are very functional simple uniforms. Not compeard to modern stuff that has been tested and teste before beeing given to soldiers. But it's not like puting on clothes to go ballroom dancing either like Napoleoinc uniforms.

So yes, not the most flashy uniforms one and one, but cool non the less, BUT were both the north and southern uniforms come into their own is on mass, becasue they are simpler their uniforms and colors don't melt into eachoter, Frankly few things look cooler to me on the table then a union or reb firing line, or lines and lines of gray and butternut soldiers marching. it looks fucking cool to be honest. And not only on the table, you see videos or pictures of reenactments, it just looks so cool..

It's hard to put words to it, but it just looks awsome.

Here are some examples.

A gray firingline, just wonderfull

And what dosn't look cooler then a ACW regiment behind snake fences.

And the blue firing line.

Last two pictures are taken by and owned by Rich Roscoe.

So that were the first two uniforms or to be more spesific uniform types. since this incompas many diffrent jackets, trousers, hats ect.

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paulalba said...

On favourite uniforms, mine was the cut of the late war panzer uniforms not always in black. I think there is a photo of a tanker of the panzer lehr (or the 21st panzer) that was more of a jacket and was in a mushroom colour that just looked really cool. My wife has a jacket very similar though she fails to see the resemblance.