Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm in rut, I can't seem to paint, I just don't feel like it.

This is the following stuff I can paint

28mm Napoleonic russians, the first 8 are primed and finished the green uniform,

28mm Napoleonic Prussians I still need 8 more landwehr to finish of the unit.

15mm Napoleonic French, I have the first 10 half done.

28mm French, got a unit of plastics glued and primed

6mm wrutenberg cav have a unit primed.

40mm AWI, I got artillery, american militia and British infantry to paint

I also have some austrians not primed, but would be very cool to paint, never painted 15mm austrians, but I just can't bring my self to it.

This is what I have to concider, I need to paint French 28mm, becasue I don't have enough of them, same with 28mm russians, but french are more important, same goes for french 15mm, but even if I paint a unit of 15mm french I'm still far away from having a gamable force.

The austrians are even less gamable, as it's the first unit.

I also have problems with my 40mm AWI stuff, my British side is way to strong, I need atleast 5 more milita units before they have even a small chance of beating the British, and 5 units of 40mm is expencive, VERY expencive not to mention it takes alot of time to paint them.

I just don't feel like painting, it's just to much to do, it's overwhelming.

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paulalba said...

Hi GF,
I was wondering why I hadn't see you posting for a while.

Don't worry it will pass, I was the same a couple of times last year. I had to put everything away for a bit and find something else to do then soon enough I found myself itching to get stuck in again.

Hope it doesn't last too long!
All the best for 2011