Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling like a n00b again

This is really anoying, I decided to restart my 28mm AWI project, with perry figs, I had some still around, and have orders a few battalions worth more from perry.

The perry AWI are know to be very hard to paint, or mabye I'm just saying that so you won't judge me to harshly.
After getting some good resaults with Calpe and my figures and painting starting to look good, I thought I was ready for Perry AWI again, no sutch luck, these are FUCKING hard to get to look good, the folds in the cloaths are like not there, you got mabye 1 piece of folded cloth for every 6 figure, they all seem to be in tight spandex type things. I spent the whole day tying to get the trousers right, I tried like 5 diffrent shades of gray, I even tried to make my own gray ink wash, with no luck, finnaly I gave up and just used elven gray, again how to aply it was a diffrent mater.

It's extremly furstrating, nothing I did worked. Same with the red, there are 5 layers of red on there, and it all just looks like one color, because the few folds that are there are so shallow, I can't really use brick red, that I usualy do.

Then you have the straps, and the FACE, damn that face, it's so small and it got like all the right parts, but how the hell to paint it, I looked at Giles wonderfull figs, and he somehow not only get the trousers right, but the red and the face and the starps.

I tried to fake my way though his style but no luck.

Just to show how hard this is, I've taken some pics of my first atempt at AWI way back in 2008, this is the exact same figures, the perry 23rd foot.





I've actualy gotten worse on some parts like the straps, mostly because my white has gone bad, in an atempt to water it down, it became to liqued, and now it overflows starps, but some how I managed to paint the hussars and resere and landwehr infantry with the same white, no problem, but there I have big problems.

Seriously it's like I havn't painted a fig for 3 years, I'm back at square one on these figures.


Ray Rousell said...

Ooops! Sounds like you've been having fun! My advice - Down tools goto pub get drunk and start again next week!

War Minister Crittumbo said...

Take a break, get a pint or two, and get some new white. When the first one went knockers up, you should have stopped right there...

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Its all in your head...try painting with your other hand,
and youll see how good you are with the hand you usually use.

REDTROOP said...

I use the foundry white 3 colour set. If i water down the white after the 2 layers of grey i find i get a good result.
Try showing to much shade in the folds then work it too what you like.
Took me a quite a few years to get a decent white look but it's worth it when you can, and you'll find yourself looking for white uniforms to paint. : )