Saturday, March 12, 2011

It had to happen

Well for the first time in this blog, I've painted some figures that look so horrible I'm not even gonna post pictures of them,

I got many tips on how to improve my Perry, and it went horribly horribly wrong.
I painted 4 command figures for the fusiliers, and they are fucking ugly, two things make them very ugly the faces, which look like some short of mutated zombie monster.
Then the ink on the white trousers is another experiment gone to hell.

I don't like inks, I can't get them to work, and it always leaves the figure looking dirty.

I have no idea what to do, I was really excited about doing perry 28mm AWI, and I even order £150 worth of more figures.

It's so furstrating that, if I paint Calpe figures they look good, if I paint perry AWI they look like shit.


paulalba said...

Hi GF,
Take a wee break and have a think about the areas you are unhappy with. What colours are giving you problems? I am sure you will be able to get round the problems even with some suggestions from other painters.

Paul´s Bods said...

As Paul has said...take a something different that´s model hobby related that gives you fun, then attempt just one figure´ll work out fine

Der Alte Fritz said...

OK, start over and grey prime any figure that wears a red coat, don't use black prime for red.

On the trousers, just give them one coat of light grey and then either dry brush some white or paint in layers of white in the Dallimore/Foundry style. Do not use three color painting on these figures.

Maybe you shouldn't paint eyes. Undercoats with red brown and then dab in spots of dark flesh on the nose, chin, cheeks and forhead. Let the red brown stand out in the eye sockets. Then, if you want, take some light flesh and just spot the tip of the nose and the chin, nothing else.

For red coats, paint them a dark "Blood Red" as your base coat and then dry brush or layer a regular red. Again, don't use the triad paint system on Perry figures.

Equipment, paint it black first, then add medium brown for the gun stock and packs if they have them. I also paint the hair black and then dab on the same color of brown. Now use a leather color as a highlight for everything that you painted brown.

Haversacks and cross belts or straps: paint light grey (same as the trousers) and then highlight with regular white and nothing else.

Hope that this helps (don't use washes on Perry figures)


Ray Rousell said...

Ooops, do not despair, I can't give you anymore advice than the guys above, apart from sit down watch some crap TV with a beer!

paulalba said...

Hi GF,
What Der Alte Fritz has said with the colours is exactly what was in my head. Don't have to much contrast between colours and it will all come together.
All the best GF

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Happens to us all at some time I'm afraid .... 'Gamers block' or some such thing!.
The problem with our hobby is that we seek perfection and rarely attain it. It can lead to madness!!

pp said...

post em up ol boy, cant get advice if we cant see what we are talking about. dont be shy we have all had bad hair days.