Monday, March 14, 2011

Test figure AWI

First I want to thank EVERYBODY that game me hint and tips, if I hadnæt gotten them I would probebaly have given up on these figures and started on something else.

I tried to follow Der Alte Fritz wonderfull guide, I bought gray primer, it's a little dark, but I must say it made alot of diffrence, some how, the detail stands out more, I also found that some stuff is easier to cover, then with black primer, I followed the guide he gave more or less, but my skills might not be up to the tast, I also did not paint all the gear black, I painted the canteene, straps, and backpack and hair black before they got brown coat, but I left the musket gray, and I think this is the best musket I've painted, the wood brown I used worked really well with gray primer.

I also tried the light gray with just a little white highlight on the trousers, but damn they are hard to get right, there is like no clear highlight patches, you have to just judge it. the calf is ok and easy and looks kinda good, but the front is diffrent. In the end, it looks ok, but not great.

When it came to the faces I went a little backwards to my simple faces, the face got a coat of very dark flesh, then I painted everything in a much lighter flesh, leaving only the dark flesh in the eyes.

The dark flesh is Foundry Flesh Tone A, and is very dark almost orange.

The coat got painted red, then ruby red, and finnaly highlights of angel red. It's subtile, but works ok.

The backpack got black, then beige brown, then leather highlights, so did the musket and hair.

And finnaly painted the starps and blanket.

In the end, it's a better figure then the last ones posted, it seem cleaner, not more detail, just cleaner, and it looks tones better then the failed ink/horrible faces thing that I'm not going to show you.
There is one more test to do, this guy was in trousers, I still need to try and paint a guy in those spandex pants.


Paul´s Bods said...

Looks good..a fine paint job and a nice figue, I lkie the pose.

Ray Rousell said...

Looking good!!!

paulalba said...

Yip agree GF,
He look good!

REDTROOP said...

Great job. Always go for neat simple paint job on detailed figures like Perrys if your not very confident.