Monday, March 14, 2011

Test figure AWI 2

Ok as I said, I needed to try and paint one figure with spandex pants before I started on a full unit.
I also used a diffrent red, called russet red, it's more subdued then the scarlet red I normaly use.
This had the side effekt that my highlighting red stands out more.

The rest was painted as the first figure.


Ubique said...

Good looking figure.

Do you use washes? I let them do all the hard work for me, especially when it comes to doing the flesh on a miniature.


REDTROOP said...

Have to agree with Matt. I've got some Minden Miniture with faces like the Perrys and i've found the best method is a lightish Flesh with a wash of G.W. Gryphonne Sepia. It will bring out the fine details beautifully.
Hope this helps.