Friday, April 15, 2011

My very best unit so EVAH!

Ok, granted it's a small unit, only 16, but it's till FAR superiour to anything I've done before. Not sure why. Might be that front rank simply got alot of easy to paint detail, and superious faces. I don't know. After painting the first 7 I was DEADLY afraid that I couldn't paint the last 9 with the propper faces, but they looked the same as the first, even a little better. and it helps so much with better faces. Realy I'm fantasticly happy with these figures, the only thing I wanted better was stronger yellow lace. I'm so happy with these I would have put them up for a painting competion (and loose) but I wouldn't be afraid to put them up for it. It will be intersting so see if I can get simular resualt with the all "white/gray" French.


Beccas said...

Very, very nice. Well done.

paulalba said...

Hi GF,
These are very nice.
My favourits were your calpe Prussians. Maybe that is because I have a soft spot fot Prussians?

mekelnborg said...

The uniforms were not supposed to be gaudy anyway, these guys mean business. They are the other kind of army.

Fantastico , complimenti !!
I need to let you know that I have nominated you for the "Stylish Blogger Award"
Te lo meriti !!

Gunfreak said...

Why thank you.

Sorry for lack of updates, havn't painted anything of late.