Thursday, May 5, 2011

Damn @#%&

I havn't been able to paint for a while now, my gaming table has been overgrown with all kinda of stuff.

I know what I want to do, but I just can't do it.

This is my options.

Paint a box of perry plastic Napoleoinc infantry I found this unopen box with them.
BUT I allready have 6 units of french infantry. What I need to do is get some enemies for them.

Paint 4 units of Russians jegers, and 1 base of prussian reserve infantry.
This is really what I should do. if I do this, I have 6 french units, 8 allied units, THEN I can paint that box of perrys. But I've tried to start on those jegers and I just couldn't finish a single base.

Paint Polish infantry, again don't need more french and french allied, and just don't feel like painting them.

Paint some YTW figures, but I don't have enough to finish a unit, and I hate half finished units.


Ray Rousell said...


mekelnborg said...

Did you say they are plastic, what scale are those. I only have Imex and Airfix right now.Clearly comes through it is frustrating, so you're not ready till the mood changes.

What can change it. Do something else, at some point give 10 minutes only to clear the table, if that turns to 20 minutes in the process, let that happen, but the plan is only ten minutes at first. I think it is an electrical process mentally, and we need to make some sparks and to change the current. This is like feng shui, to clear the table makes maybe anegative charge, and invites a positive.

It would also help to read something to inspire you, and if possible a movie even a short one, because it is visual. Look on youtube, you can be surprised what is up there like this.

Those Russians if for 1813 anything after the 1812 campaign were very understrength, so brigades like battalions strength, in numbers, but longer in experience. Reading something like that can spark the imagination.

Gunfreak said...

The French are plastic, perry 28mm.
The russians are Foundry metal.

I've started on some 7yw hussars just to kill time

mekelnborg said...

Ha, that makes me think I could use some of those then for the Potsdam Giant Grenadiers for Frederick the Great's father's army, next to the 1/72 regular guys.

Look them up on youtube it is cool. Maybe just five minutes on clearing the table, at first.

I just wrote a new article and made a link to your blog in it with talking about having enough space for things.