Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scheither Infantry my very best work to date

So I've started on my 7yw project, again I did the standard mistake by painting the unit I wanted to pant the most, first. This is Scheither, a hanoverian unit, since this is for Might and reason, this unit of Scheither of 16 when it's done will represent a brigade, so basicly what I do, is I choose one battalion or regiment from the brigade and let it represent the whoel brigade. Anyway these are Front Rank and just wonderfull, sooo much detail. you have to paint it all. Theese are are my most compex painting to date, the faces(that don't look that good in the pics) look VERY Good inperson. they are very complex for mye stuff, with a mix of diffrent shades of flesh and some ink, they got eyes. I've painted all the lace, the holes in the leather belts got ink to show up better. the jackets got 3 levels of red, the green to levels of green ect. Also the green/red combo looks fantastic.

I'm very happy with them, my best work at any scale.


mekelnborg said...

It is so easy, when looking at everyone else's best work, to think that your own are not good enough, that it is very refreshing to hear that you have got one that you don't mind saying is your own best results and that you are happy with them.

They do look good. Even the lighting reminded me of myself and my comrades at about 5 in the morning, bleary eyed and having to get in formation and get moving, with not enough sleep, and in foul moods.

I have seen guys with that look on their faces. I could almost picture the the steam of their breath because it's too cold that time of day.

If it were me though, and not about the paint but the brigades, I'd go ahead and have the different regiments in their proper colors and have them be of less figures each.

If a brigade of Hannoverians, in reality they often went in twos and threes whatever works best in Might and Reason. Often they would have a brigade mix with a Brunswick of Hessian unit.

Whatever WGR in their old rules said to the contrary notwithstanding. They were oversimplifying.

So for them, or anyone, that's what I would do.

I think the tradition against that, especially in metal 28mm, came about because people did not want to commit away from a 24-man battalion for some other rules, as it was too much trouble to rebase or expect anyone else to do so.

Most rules writers went along with that, and it held back progress. It's been that way since 1972.

Paul´s Bods said...

They look good, especially the faces...very determined looking

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great colors...good job on the eyes.