Saturday, April 9, 2011

Revisting Samurai part 2.

Ok, so I've been working on my samrai, I kinda wanted a classick blue vs red thing going on, so one of my armies will be the red ones in the previous post, and the second army will be like these, black armor, dark blue silk, and orange markings. These are very loosly based on Date clan. I've also been working on what to do with the army. I'm gonna use Impetus rules, Basic impetus first, then go on to the full rules. This is gonna be my cheapest project EVAH. Basic impetus can ble played with just 10 units pr. side. At first I was thinking 12 infantry figure pr. unit, that would mean two packs of perry pr. unit or about £13 pr unit. But I've seen very nice impetus armies with just 8 figures pr. unit, so I'm gonna try that, that means I'm down to about £9 pr. infantry unit. I've also been thinking of army OOB, I've bought Killer Katanas II, just for general info on Samurai armies. So far I'm thinking one army with 2 machlock ashigaru, 1 ashigru archer unit 1 Yari samurai unit 1 Katana Samurai unit 1 mounted samurai unit 4 Yari Ashigaru units The second army will be the same, only I exchange one marchlock for archer. Thats less then £200 for a 28mm Project, very cheap compeard to my other projects.