Friday, May 6, 2011

1815 French

So I said in a previous post I had sevral options of what to paint, and Naturaly I choose the worst option, not sure but these were the only ones I wanted to paint. They felt like a challange.

I did try to out do my self with these, my prussians did look quite good, but they are kinda a cheat, with their simple uniforms, THESE ARE NOT simple, the french line uniforms are not the MOST complictated, but they are defenatly in the complicated category.

I went all out with these, infact I spent about twice as long on these 6 as I normaly do on 8.
All the major parts got 3 layers, coats, jackets and trousers, even the shako got 3 layers, I spent 45 minutes on the faces and they still turned out shitty, perry faces are not the easiest to paint.
The eyes or no eyes are a hard thing to choose from, either way I'm damned. If you choose eyes, then you have to paint them, if you don't then you have to find a way to shade the eye area with out it looking like black spots. I choose eyes, mabye not the smart choice but as I said, damed if you do damned if you don't.

I'm not even finished with them, I still have to paint 6 backpacks. It's gonna be a 24 strong unit.
What the hell I'm gonna do with them when they are done I don't know. My 5 french battalions are all 1807-1814 period.

I could pretend that any battle I did was in the last days of 1814 and pretend that some new units got the bardin uniforms, it's a strech. I don't actualy know about any units that got the bardin before the 100 days.

The second option is to do fantasy 1815 campagin stuff, in 1815 all of europa went to war with Napoleon, if waterloo had been a French Victroy there is in theory a possibility of Russian/British/Austiran/Prussian forces working togeather. atleast that the excuse I'm gonna use.

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