Friday, May 6, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

So I got nominated for this. The whole thing is kinda confusing, but aperantly I have to thank the nominator, which is easy so thanks to mekelnborg.

7 Things about my self. This is hard becasue I'm really not that intresting.

1. I'm adicted to internet forums. I've lost count of how many forums I'm on, I sometimes forget about which I have joined, only to try and registere at a place, only to learn I allready have a user there that I registerd like 4 years ago, and forgot about. I have made about 35 000 posts on diffrent forums, most of them on were I have about 20500 post over the last 6 years, I'm a nerd and very proud of my post count, beeing the 13th most posting user on the forum out of 150 000 users.

2. I can't drive, or I can, if zombies attack I can drive, I just don't have a license, living in Oslo, with subways, busses and trams I never had had a use for it. also it cost like $4500 to get a license.

3. I'm a Trekkie I have all the Star Trek series on dvd or blu ray exept for the animated one. I also have all the movies on dvd or Bluray.

4. I didn't drink beer untill I was almost 26

5. Damn I've run out of things to say, ok, random stuff. I'm younger then my Nephew and Nieces, my youngest Niece is a month older then me, and the rest are from 1 year to sevral years older then me.

6. My favorite Movie is Die hard

7. Like many wargamers, one of my ultimate hatemovies is The patriot.

Now for the extemly hard part, not becasue I don't have 10 blogs to recomend, but becasue almost all blogs I know of allready have the nomination.

Here are some I found that I THINK havn't gotten a nomination yet

I'll add more link to other blogs as I remember them.

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