Saturday, May 7, 2011

200 Post, more french, and a show down with the 3 feet rule

Ok, I wanted a big thing to show for my 200th post on this blog, but quite fankly I have none, and there are no big ones in the pipes so I guess this will be a prety ordenary post.

Anyway I got sevral well placed comments on these french, and it was clear that eyes were not a good idea, so this is version 1.5, much much simpler faces and they look much better.
The rest are as the first ones. I paticularly like how the greatcoat came out, the guy on the left on the second base, a nice mix of colors.

Anyway over to the infomus 3 feet rule, some people say the follow it in their painting, I don't belive them, at 3 feet in 15mm, you only need to white trousers, blue jackts and face flesh. even in 28mm, you really don't need much of anything. And ofcoruse 10mm and 6mm, you might as well just dip the figures in blue and red paint, and you got a british and french army.
Even my very first 15mm figures would look ok at 3 feet. so those that say they paint with the 3 foot rule, lies. those that say your figures would look good at 3 feet, are basicly saying your figures look shit.

Take these for example, up close my paint job is ok, but at this range, you will tell the normal painte(like me) from the great painters(like Giles)

BUT at this range, most of the faults go away, the small details can be seen, but you can't tell if small lines are completly staight or to thick, I'm VERY happy with how they look at this range, and I can garantee it's not 3 feet, it more like half a foot. So I propose the half foot rule, to take the place of 3 foot rule, becasue if I can get figures to look ok at half a foot, blind monkeys can do it.

Anyway that is all I have to say,


mekelnborg said...

Yes but anybody says your figures look like shit they are FULL of shit, you are a good painter and one day these will be amazing to the people who pick through your things after you are gone. Look at the shadows and folds, faces on them talking to each other, every one an individual personality. You should see this pile of sticky shit I just worked on for six hours globbing gesso and the flesh paint sticky and there are 350 of them. MY figures look like shit, yours are the ones I am looking at to figure out what I should be doing.

Congratulations on 200 posts, this was a good one.

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

My figures ARE shit, but I have learnt to accept my limitations. My base rule is; paint them as well as you can but don't worry too much if they're not perfect. It seems to me that the tinterweb has caused gamers to consider their painting efforts as some kind of worldwide competition .... I really do admire good paint jobs (such as yours!) but I admit to myself that I can't, never will (and to be honest never really want to give up so much time to) be able to create 'collectors' standard figures for my own gaming.

paulalba said...

Good post GF, Shows the distances we view our figures at well. I must admit I had't really thought about painting in that way as I paint mainly to relax and love the history.

I like your French GF, as mentioned else where your trousers on these guys I think are the best white shading you have done.

You have caught the piping really well too. it has been a good few years but I remember French being very tricky to paint.

befreiungskriege said...

Some forthright thoughts there - good to see somebody prepared to express an opinion.

I've never subscribed to the "three foot rule" or, for that matter, to any other rule when it comes to my hobby. It's my hobby that I do to help me relax. And I'll decided how I want to paint my figures.

So good for you! Carry on doing what pleases you rather than worry about what other people say about your painting.

Braxen said...

Gunfreak, another argument for you is that 30 minutes into gaming nobody really care all that much about the paint job.

A very different approach that is much faster: paint without any shading your 28mm figures and give them very good flesh brush work and nice bases. You can bet you will still receive the oh and wow with a lot less pain and time spent.

Sparker said...

Good advice from Braxwn there about leaving off the shading and spending more time on the bases.

But ultimately its how YOU feel about YOUR figures, and if you think you have done your best. The amount of your precious life you spend painting them is not much more for a worthwhile paint job than a rushed one, really...

That said I've always been a fan of your stuff!