Sunday, May 8, 2011

More 1815 French

Well I got alot of comments on the last post, which is always nice, Thank you.

Anyway I finished another base, this time the command base, I'm very happy with this one, inparticular the eagle standard barer, he is one of my best figures yet, and in a complicated uniform to boot. I've never like the officer model in the perry box, he just dosn't fit into the very detailed other figures, he seems abit plain, simple.

I also went back and redid the faces on the first base, so they match the others.

Just one base to go.


James said...

Truls, great, they look fantastic, but what's the point unless you have a rules set to support them ? Nice, even artistic miniatures will never have the longevity of a solid set of rules.


mekelnborg said...

I was reading in the archives of older posts about the rules and stuff and forgot what was going on out here in the front.

I have a bunch of Alamo figs that I am painting for the bigger war later,
so then your Alamo rules got me thinking about what would happen if I tried having that as a fall back option, after they are all painted for something else.

These French look good.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Your miniatures have a ton of character.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks all the comments.

The alamo rules are just beging, I can only work on them while I paint the figures so I'm in the alamo mood.