Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tri Anual Table shots, and playing around with photoshop

So after letting my table been overgrown with everything from two dozen bluray's primed and unprimed figures from half a dozen periods and scales. I've finnaly spent an hours fixing it up.

So I also played around if photoshop, to make some muzzle flashes and tracers.

SS in the trench.

MG42 has opened fire with a big hollywood muzzle flash

Tracers and bullet hits, this was kinda a miss, dosn't look that good.

Some better Tracers effects

Airborne taking cover.

Some Shots of my £300 trench system

It even has a command room, with maps and radio.

It's quite extencive, quite alot of feet, 4 gun platforms for artillery, some staight sections, two corners, and 2 ends.

Table shot, with the big germans secret weapon, a 40 meter HUGE speaker, to transmit the brown note.

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Paul´s Bods said...

Very good...:-D