Saturday, May 14, 2011


So I finnaly got my Samurai, a bunch of ashigaru, samurai and monks.
I went a little overboard with the color on these, I don't think the ashigaru were that colofull, espesaly the lacing on the armor, so in the second bunch I just did a standard black armor with no lacing. and I think they look better, also the mix of green, blue and red cloth made them look kinda like MMs. The second bunch were painted with a mix of blues, brown and green, and I think they look alot better.

Ofcourse the backbanners look like crap, becasue I can't free han paint if my life depended on it.

This unit is 6 bases or about 900 ashigaru strong.

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Anonymous said...

They look great. The back banners look good to me.