Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finished Ashigaru and mounted samurai

So finished up the bases for the ashigaru and they look quite good, the bases are quite small so there is a limit to how alaborate you can make them.

And today I painted8 mounted samurai, while the infantry Peter pigs are wonderfull the cav is a mixed back, don't get me wrong, the actualy riders are fantatsic, just as good as the infantry, but the faces have very little detail, infact some faces are almost completly flat. But the one thing that kinda pulls the whole thing down is that the horses look kinda wierd, mabye thats what japanese horses look like? Is that racist of me? or horseist? They have weird shapes, square shapes, having painted almost only AB 15mm for the last 3 years, it was kinda weird, but the paint up quite nicely and after all you notise the riders alot more then the horses, they just seem out of place compeard to the riders and infantry.

And it has been hammed into my scull that you did not have uniform samurai and ashigaru, YES IT GOT THE MESSAGE. So these are a mix of red, brown and black armor, all of which existed from what I've learned, I gave most of them blue lacing, but also some in green, and black.

I did do something to give it a feel of uniform look with out it beeing total colne, the banners ofcourse, the lance is red with blue bindings, and the horsefurnitre is all blue, you might not easly get uniform armor, but it couldn't be that hard to get uniform horse furniture and lances if you can get sevral hundred slik banner to look the same.

I gave them the same banners of takeda nobukado, he is gonna command a small force of some thousand, I'm thinking these 900 ashigaru, these 300 mounted samurai, another 600 ashigaru with teppo and 600 samurai on foot.


Paul´s Bods said...

The banners look does the whole unit.

James said...

Have to say they look pretty cool. Very different. One of these years I'll paint some up when I've got an Apartment of War :) Continued success with the plethora of projects !


Sean Clark said...


Lovely stuff. I am a Peter Pig nut and its nice to see someone else enjoying the figures! regarding the cavalry, some of them are wearing face masks which may account for the flatter looking face. Also the horses had all sorts of odd decoration and furniture on them. The face plate on some horses also makes them look odd but painted up they look very nice. Keep it going!