Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Ashigaru and more Samurai

So it's finnaly starting to look like a sea of flags, very nice effect, and will be even cooler when you get sevral diffrent colored flags going.

This is 14 infantry bases and 4 cav bases, or about 2400 troops, I'm just gonna paint one more unit for this General and it's a big unit of ashigaru archers, 24 figures on 6 bases, about 3300 total with the other units, a nice small army for that period. After that I'll paint some Loyal to Uesugi.

A 16 man unit of Teppo armed ashigaru

My samurai, gave them a mix of diffrent colored armor, some in all black, some in black with lacing in other colors, some red and green(after I painted them, it looks like there is no green laqcure for samurai armor, all the green armor I found on google was gren laceing, not green metal.
I also rememberd to buy samurai command pack, something I forgot to do with ashigaru, so I got a bigger banner behind and a leader figure in yellow armor

So next is archers.


Ray Rousell said...

Your defiantly right, Its a sea of flags, nice one!!

Dan said...

Yeah those flags look cool.